Volume 26, Issue 1

Special Issue on "ICT-based Networked Governance" and General Research

Editorial 26/1
Electronic Markets on self-archiving

Rainer Alt, Carsta Militzer-Horstmann and Hans-Dieter Zimmermann

Evolving ICT and governance in organizational networks - Conceptual and theoretical foundations
Euripidis Loukis, Marijn Janssen, Sharon Dawes and Lei Zheng

Research Paper
The governance strategies for public emergencies on social media and their effects: a case study based on the microblog data
Qingguo Meng, Nan Zhang, Xuejiao Zhao, Fangling Li and Xin Guan 

Research Paper
The geographic concentration of China’s e-business enterprises: where they gather and why

Yu Sun, Xingxuan Kuang and Dazhi Sun

Research Paper
How and why network governance evolves: evidence from a public safety network

Dax D. Jacobson

Research Paper
The relationship between culture and information privacy policy

Sophie Cockroft and Saphira Rekker

Research Paper
Can privacy concerns for insurance of connected cars be compensated?

Sebastian Derikx, Mark de Reuver and Maarten Kroesen

Research Paper
Product fit uncertainty and its effects on vendor choice: an experimental study

Christian Matt and Thomas Hess

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