Volume 25, Issue 1

Special Issue on "Smart Energy: Building Business Models, Best Practices and Theories" and General Research

Editorial 25/1
25 years of electronic markets

Rainer Alt, Carsta Militzer-Horstmann and Hans-Dieter Zimmermann

Smart energy: where do we stand and where should we go? 

Johann Kranz, Lutz M. Kolbe, Chulmo Koo and Marie-Claude Boudreau

Research Paper
Adoption of smart grid technologies by electric utilities: factors influencing organizational innovation in a regulated environment
Jason Dedrick, Murali Venkatesh, Jeffrey M. Stanton, You Zheng and Angela Ramnarine-Rieks

Research Paper
What are the main barriers to smart energy information systems diffusion?
Fabian Schwister and Marina Fiedler

Research Paper
Smart energy for Robinson Crusoe: an empirical analysis of the adoption of IS-enhanced electricity storage systems

Benedikt Römer, Philipp Reichhart and Arnold Picot

Research Paper
SNA-based innovation trend analysis in software service networks

Kibae Kim, Wool-Rim Lee and Jörn Altmann

Research Paper
Integrated long- and short- term valuation of IT innovation investments

Björn Häckel, Vasko Isakovic and Florian Moser

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