Volume 22, Issue 4

Special Issue on "Banking in the Internet and Mobile Era" and General Research

Editorial 22/4

Rainer Alt, Karen Heyden and Hubert Österle

Banking in the Internet and mobile era

Roger W. H. Bons, Rainer Alt, Ho Geun Lee and Bruce Weber 

Position Paper
The rise of customer-oriented banking - electronic markets are paving the way for change in the financial industry
Rainer Alt and Thomas Puschmann

Research Paper
Mobile banking — insights on its increasing relevance and most common drivers of adoption
Kyung-Hun Ha, Andrea Canedoli, Aaron W. Baur and Markus Bick

Research Paper
To M-Pay or not to M-Pay—Realising the potential of smart phones: conceptual modeling and empirical validation
Philip O’Reilly, Aidan Duane and Pavel Andreev

Research Paper
Performance implications of internet channels in financial services: A comprehensive perspective
Hung-Jen Tu

Research Paper
The IPO window of opportunity for digital product and service firms
Richard B. Carter, Troy J. Strader and Frederick H. Dark

Research Paper
Virtual or vague? a literature review exposing conceptual differences in defining virtual organizations in IS research
Kai Riemer and Nadine Vehring

Research Paper
Determining chain digitisation maturity: a survey among Dutch CIOs
Marijn G. A. Plomp, Ronald S. Batenburg and Ron C. M. van Rooij

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