Volume 21, Issue 3

Special Issue on "Social Embeddedness and Online Consumer Behavior" and General Research

Editorial 21/3

Hubert Österle and Karen Heyden

Social embeddedness and online consumer behavior

Thomas Hess, Karl R. Lang and Sean Xin Xu

Research Paper
Business engagement on Twitter: a path analysis
Mimi Zhang, Bernard J. Jansen and Abdur Chowdhury

Research Paper
Social motivations to pay for services: lessons from virtual communities
Dale Ganley

Research Paper
The social embeddedness of decision making: opportunities and challenges
Carsten Takac, Oliver Hinz and Martin Spann

Research Paper
Understanding auction fever: a framework for emotional bidding
Marc T. P. Adam, Jan Krämer, Caroline Jähnig, Stefan Seifert and Christof Weinhardt

Book Review
Book Review of “Business Network Transformation” by Jeffrey Word (ed.)
Christoph Riedl

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