Volume 21, Issue 1

Special Issue on "20 Years Electronic Markets" and General Research

Editorial 21/1

Hubert Österle, Hans-Dieter Zimmermann and Rainer Alt

Invited Paper
20 Years of Research in Electronic Markets and Networked Business: An Interview with Thomas Malone and Retrospective Views by JoAnne Yates and Robert Benjamin
Rolf T. Wigand

Position Paper
Twenty years of electronic markets research—looking backwards towards the future
Rainer Alt and Stefan Klein

Invited Paper
Co-authorship networks in electronic markets research
Kai Fischbach, Johannes Putzke and Detlef Schoder

Research Paper
A virtual competition auction model for perishable products
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Research Paper
Reaching into patients’ homes – participatory designed AAL services
Philipp Menschner, Andreas Prinz, Philip Koene, Felix Köbler, Matthias Altmann, Helmut Krcmar and Jan Marco Leimeister

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