Acceptance Rates

The acceptance rate of Electronic Markets (calculated on the basis of manuscripts received) varies from issue to issue.

Overall acceptance rates in recent years:

2019: 19.1 percent
2018: 13.2 percent                                                                                      2017: 12.1 percent
2016: 15.0 percent
2015: 16.0 percent
2014: 11.8 percent
2013: 11.9 percent
2012: 11.2 percent
2011: 13.0 percent
2010: 19.5 percent
2009: 28.5 percent  
2008: 25.5 percent

Cycle Times

We know that it is of great importance to authors to get a timely response to their submission. Therefore, new submissions are subjected to an initial screening by a senior editor or the editor-in-chief to determine whether the manuscript's topic fits within the journal's scope and the manuscript meets Electronic Markets' high quality requirements in regard to rigor and relevance.

If the paper does not pass this initial screening, a first decision can usually be communicated within two weeks of submission. In case the manuscript passes the initial screening, the paper will enter into the review process. To assure high quality reviews that produce valuable comments for authors, the full review process may take up to three months from initially receiving the manuscript to the first editorial decision. The average time from submission to first decision is below 60 days.

Publishing Data

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ISSN (Electr. ed.): 1422-8890

Printed: quarterly                             
Online:  continuously

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Up to Vol. 18 (2008) EM was published by Taylor & Francis

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